HI! Thank you for your interest in my bio!
I started training and educating myself on health and wellness at the age of 14. I used to be a really heavy child and wanted to learn why I was so much bigger than the other kids. From the moment I learned what a calorie was & that WE are in charge of our health/wellness and can shape and mould ourselves into whatever we can imagine I was hooked at 14.
I have been working in the fitness/sports industry for 12 years concentrating on cooking for clients first and foremost, nutritional education and personal training for both transformations, competitive body building and fitness show prep with a soft spot for helping and educating people with diabetes and eating disorders. I got heavy into nutrition when my dad was diagnosed with AOD in 1998 and have been creating healthy figure and diabetic friendly recipes since.
I opened my baking business in Boston 2008 and am still baking healthy treats today here in Calgary! All orders are baked to order and low sugar high protein cookies/muffins/loaves/brownies and specialty cakes and other treats.


  • Fitness Director at TSUU T'INA, CALGARY
  • ACE PT
  • Group/Bootcamp Fitness Instructor
  • One on One Personal Training
  • Spin Instructor
  • AFPA Certified
  • Certified Nutritionist


  • Owner of 360 Meals & Coaching
  • Tournament of Champions 2007 - 1st & Overall
  • Massachusetts State Fitness Championship 2007 - 1st
  • Jay Cutler Classic Boston, Ma 2008 - 1st in Height & Overall
  • Atlantic States NYC - 1st in Height Class
  • Pro Qualifying Junior Nationals 2009 - 7th
  • Pro Qualifying NPC National USA’s in Vegas 2010 - 7th
  • Emerald Cup Seattle, WA 2011—1st in Height Class & Overall
  • Pro Qualifying Team Universe, NJ 2012 - 7th in Open & 6th in Masters.
  • Europa Battle of Champions—3rd in Open & 5th in Masters


I am available for one on one sessions, group sessions if you wanted to train with a buddy, contest prep and all levels of nutritional advice and transformations. 


I believe no matter where your starting point is, nothing is impossible. What the mind can perceive the body can achieve. You don’t have to eat LESS you just have to eat RIGHT. I strive to create bodies that feel good on the inside....not just look good on the outside. Healthy body, healthy mind, nourished physiques.
I strongly encourage ALL my clients to be very open and never hesitate to ask me questions in regards to anything about their health and fitness journey. The more open communication we have together the more success we will have! I am available via text/email anytime 2 my clients. If I am unavailable when the message is sent I will get back to them after I am thru my class or session. No question is ever turned away. The more knowledge I can share the better!


I am a very bubbly and energetic person who tries to be as positive as I can be. My hobbies outside of the gym consist of a passionate love of scuba diving, traveling and exploring the world! I believe in living a healthy fulfilled life filled with as many laughs and smiles as possible!



One on One Personal Training | Semi-Private Personal Training | Personalized Workout or Injury Rehab Programs

At Kensington Fitness we have a fabulous team of personal trainers and consultations are always free. Feel free to read through our trainers bio’s below but don’t worry we’ll help you find your best match! 


Deanna taught me how to take care of myself.

Before I started training with Deanna, and before I started learning about nutrition from her and ordering her meals, I was weak and insecure. I was uninterested in (even nervous about) going to gyms, and I was unable to open up my own jars of pickles.

But after three years of training, of learning, and of simply getting stronger, I am now able to care for myself properly. I have more confidence, and I am able to do things for myself — carry my luggage on trips, open stubborn jars, and look great in strappy dresses to boot. I feel great inside and out, and for that I am very grateful and happy. Thanks!
— Mary Aventine