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Debunk The Diet Myth - $10

  • Kensington Fitness 223 10th Street NW calgary canada (map)

DEBUNK THE DIET MYTH: The Real Secrets to Healthy Weight Loss & Optimal Health

Struggling with weight frustrations? Working hard in the gym and dieting while you always seem to fall back into your old habits and feel exhausted?

Join Holistic Nutritionist and Emotional Eating Expert Amber Romaniuk and Nurse Practitioner Jessica Tsang to share in an evening of education and exploring the differences between focusing on a journey to optimal health versus focusing on a journey to lose weight.  These two focuses are very different, and often if we focus on a journey of weight-loss, we repeat of cycle of weight loss and subsequent weight gain. Over time, this can negatively impact our confidence, self-worth and every area of our life.

Amber will help you identify key reasons why weight-loss may not stick, and also debunk myths around the idea that you must eat less and exercise more to reach your goals. While eating well and mindful movement can enhance a health journey, we must be willing to explore our mindset and habits around our relationship with food and how we are treating our bodies. The key foundations of focusing on a health journey will be shared including why it’s important to find balance with your schedule, balance with food without needing to diet or restrict, and identify key physical symptoms or struggles that are in the way of reaching optimal health.

Optimize Your Health to Optimize Your Body: Medical Conditions and Deficiencies That May Be Holding You Back

Does it seem like no matter how much you diet or exercise, you still struggle with your weight?

Do symptoms like fatigue, bloating, and/or food cravings affect your life?

Do you feel like you've hit a wall with your physical health and fitness level?

Your body may be telling you that something is wrong. These may be the symptoms of a medical condition and/or deficiency that can be resolved with the appropriate treatment.

Just like your car, your body needs regular check ups to make sure it is functioning optimally. Before you embark on your journey towards great health, let's talk about the appropriate assessments that should be considered and your treatment options for the most common concerns. Join Jessica, your local family practitioner, in the discussion about optimizing your health to raise your energy level, reduce those cravings, and shed that excess weight. 

It takes a team to achieve great health and a family practitioner plays an essential role to help you succeed.

Ready for different results? This workshop will provide you with tips to inspire you to kick the diet and restriction mentality while having your best interests in mind. This helps you to take steps toward a different approach to your health journey.