I have a thorough background in athletics. I have competed for many years and have stepped on National stages. I believe that there is a healthy way to look your best and not have to live in the gym 3-6 hours a day 7 days a week. In 2014 and 2015 I was graciously awarded International Coach of the Year. It was a huge milestone for me and I am ever grateful.
I am extremely proud to say I have clients in over 10 countries! In 2010 I started a corporation called Domin8. Domin8, is a company where we cover everything that you need! We have been referred as the ONE stop FAT CHOP SHOP! We offer some of the following services:

Contest Prep and Offseason Programs: 

Will help you create the best physique for your category or class. We do not do the typical bulking offseason and bodybuilder style contest prep. Health is our number one concern and vanity comes after. You will look your BEST on stage while still hitting personal bests in the gym during your prep. In the WBFF we hold the record for MOST World Champions crowned in history!

Online Nutrition and Training Programs:

Custom made nutrition and training programs based on your personal goals and the foods you enjoy eating. These come with either weekly or bi-weekly check-ins and revisions with unlimited communication.

Host of Fitness Shows and Events: 

 I travel the world and MC shows for the WBFF globally. If interested in this service please email me at:

Instructional Videos on Proper Form: 

I created a YouTube channel: DOMIN8. My channel is full of “How to Videos” as well as videos to help you understand some of the fitness fads that will slow your production. It’s also the home of my famous ‘Nate’s Beefs’

Global Fitness and Health Seminars: 

I have hosted seminars in over 6 countries about how to maximize your results in the least amount of time. Most common seminar topic has been “Women stop training wrong! A woman should not lift like a man in hopes of looking like a woman”

Continuing Education Seminars:

 I also try to do my part by instructing and helping other fitness enthusiasts working in our industry, learn how to MAXIMIZE your income and not living at work 20 hours a day!! How to avoid the ‘Time for Money Trap’
Here at DOMIN8 we do not promote quick fixes, short cuts and crash diets. Time and time again these fads are part time results and generally have the opposite effect… putting our goals much further away then when we 1st started. Here at Domin8, we want you to have long term results and remain healthy and strong. Being fit is a lifestyle not a fad! Let us help you get to your goals and give you the tools to maintain that goal for a long long time!!

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One on One Personal Training | Semi-Private Personal Training | Personalized Workout or Injury Rehab Programs

At Kensington Fitness we have a fabulous team of personal trainers and consultations are always free. Feel free to read through our trainers bio’s below but don’t worry we’ll help you find your best match!